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There are many software packages available to assist you in preparing personal income tax returns, and the cost of the software programs are usually significantly less than that of a CPA or Enrolled agent.  Unless you are well informed on the intricacies of the Tax Code, there is the potential that if you input the information into the software incorrectly you could either be paying taxes on income that is not taxable and never know it, or worse, you could get a bill one or two years later for income that you thought was not taxable that you did not report.  The penalties and interest on unpaid taxes over a period of a year or two are substantial, and usually more than the cost of having us prepare your return.
Also, if you have us prepare your return, you will be:
  • treated as the individual you are, and your return will be prepared accurately and timely.
  • provided an electronic copy of your return which can be stored on our secure website, along with an electronic copy of all the associated documents that you provided to us to prepare the return.  This proves extremely convenient when copies of your returns are needed in future years.
  • assured that your return will be prepared by an experienced professional who prepares taxes and performs tax planning on a year round basis as their career.
  • assured that your return has been reviewed by at least one other professional tax preparer in our office to ensure that it has been prepared correctly.
  • glad to know that should an issue arise with your return with any of the taxing authorities, a person familiar with your return and the Tax Code is there to assist you or even represent you before the IRS, should it be needed.
All of the returns we prepare are electronically filed unless there is an issue that prevents that, and new this year you can sign your return electronically, avoiding the need to come into the office to sign if you do not want to.  That is a lot more value for the money spent than the inexpensive software or a seasonal chain tax preparer can provide.

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Pignatare and Sagan LLC Accounting Tax CPA EA