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Pignatare & Sagan LLC is a full service CPA firm with office locations in West Springfield and Westfield Massachusetts.
The firm was established by Andrew J. Pignatare, CPA, MST who had previously worked in the "Big 6" accounting firms.  Andy started the business because he enjoyed helping people and small businesses in the area.

Over the years, the firm has grown and currently serves over 2,100 individual clients and over 200 for profit and not for profit entities on an annual basis for accounting, tax planning and tax preparation services and has expanded into two seperate locations. The firm also has extensive experience in estate planning and estate return preparation, and has recently added an investments division to the firm run by Dale Marie Breault.  She is a highly qualified and experienced person who can help you get your investments to where they need to be, so you know you are where you need to be. 
Our goal at Pignatare & Sagan is to maximize your wealth. Whether yours is a multi million dollar company, a small sole proprietorship, or an individual all of our clients benefit from this philosophy.  We will provide you with the correct answer to a question, or the most likley and reasonable conclusion to a hypothetical even if the answer or conclusion is not what you want to hear.  Said another way, part of our responsibility is to give you all of the information you need to make the right decision, take the right action and minimize the possibility that you end up in trouble down the road.
Pignatare and Sagan LLC Accounting Tax CPA EA